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About The Band

Here’s a question for you....


What do goats, gaffa tape, Donald Trump, sloth poop, global warming, and a cross gender chicken called Suzie all have in common?


They are all part of the menagerie of topics put under scrutiny by the Alfalfa Males in their quest to make sense of the world through song!!


Folk duo Tim Darby and Donald Wilson win hearts and engage minds wherever they play with their mix of quirky humour, open hearted intimacy, beautiful vocal harmonies and eclectic musical style. At certain events, additional musicians expand the bands sound.

Their easy banter and authentic stage presence reaches out to embrace the audience in a mingling of stories, humour and lyrical melodies. 


Unconstrained by tradition or genre the Alfalfa Males follow their melodious meanderings wherever the mood takes them in the moment.


Oh yeah.....they also play (in order of size but not necessarily importance) bass, guitar, ukulele, a smattering of violin and....if the occasion calls for shears. 

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An engineer by day and funky trombone player by night, Karri is well known for his tendency to run whilst playing his trombone. You might have spotted him before in other acts such as The Brow, Brassika, Feel Estate and Junkadelic. When Karri isn’t blowing air through a metal tube, he’ll be tending lovingly to his overspoilt Australorp chickens.

The Alfalfa Males have not looked back since inviting Rebecca to provide percussion and vocal harmonies into the all boy band.

{Hey! That's Alfalfa Males for you!)

A musician, puppeteer, actor, contemporary clown and all round beautiful person, Bec adds the third vocal harmonies whilst keeping the Males in time and to the right rhythms.

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Tim Darby

Tim is a professional sand sculptor, song writer and urban goat keeper. 


He brings his slightly off-beat creativity and passion for all-things-sustainable together in a unique musical form. 


When he isn't finger picking for the Alfalfa Males or waxing lyrical about veganism, the joy of leaning against a warm goat belly or helping to save the planet, Tim was a long term performer with 'The Lost Quays'. and now is creating other bands with cello, trombone, banjo and probably many more adventurous instruments.

Tim has always been the Alfalfa Male type and lives for tricky lyrics, long pauses while the mind wanders to whimsy and a good cup of tea. 

Karri Harper-Meredith

Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 12.03.50

Donald Wilson

Donald has a long history of musical practice including choirs and theatre performances. His animated bass playing brings an element of theatrics and visual humour to the Alfs.....which is a good thing as Tim can't play ukulele and change facial expressions at the same time!

Don used to perform with UWACS,

WASO Chorus, 

'The Men Of The West. and 'Voicemale'

but now devotes his baritone intonations to the Alfalfa Males

Donald has enjoyed his transformation from the rugby playing, beer swilling, cigar smoking alpha male to the more compassionate, affable alfalfa male since teaming up with Tim.

Bec Bradley

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